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Meet Your Next Agency Team

The short version of what we sell? We do branding, web development and video.

The detailed version? We write, list, narrate, paint bucket, fit to frame, skew, resize, storyboard, dissolve, queue drums, cajole coy leads, transform shapes, convert the unconverted and fade to black in our marketing design laboratory.

Alison Sansone - qualiant media designAlison Sansone


The first decade of my corporate career was in hospitality, diversely working at the property level and in corporate level roles with global brands such as Motel 6, Marriott, Hilton and Embassy Suites.

The next decade of my career, I pursued marketing and communications as my true passion by starting my first company, qualiant media design.

In the heat of the economic downturn of 2009, I decided to launch a tech startup on my own. Video bedtime stories was just too obvious to ignore, so I created Be There Bedtime Stories.

I’m back in the private sector of hospitality management, serving as an executive strategist and creative director, with a team that can take on any product, service or industry.

This decade I’m planning to work with you!


Jesse Pierpoint

I started my design career while studying art, design and marketing at Azusa Pacific University. Working with students and companies to help pay tuition, I slowly built up a portfolio and a passion for branding and marketing.

The last decade I served as creative director at the digital agency Seven2, with a side gig teaching graphic design as an adjunct professor at Whitworth University, in addition to community art projects and the role of dad.

My portfolio of work includes campaigns and projects for clients like AT&T, Disney, Pokemon, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, GoDaddy, Expedia, and Amazon.

Let’s put that brand and engagement experience to work for your company.


Mary Sulzman - qualiant media designMary Sulzman

Pushing all boundaries of communication, I like to tune my ear to the particular tone that a business needs to stand tall.

My background in branding, book editing and children’s book publishing brings an understanding of the unique qualities of any given experience, any single individual or business, creating the opportunity to spark a viable conversation. Wit and wisdom viewed out of the corner of the eye.

Happy to meet you.


comes from the word ‘qualia’ – defined by Wikipedia as: a term used in philosophy to refer to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

qualiant media:

meticulously crafted communication delivering the experience of your brand.

What’s the experience of your brand?