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Fans of the qualiant media Brand

The lasting impression from our professional relationships is the true measure of the ‘experience’ with the qualiant media brand.

Here’s a few words that may give you insight into working with us.

“I interviewed no less than five services to take charge of my website redesign -or I should say actually online presence. Alison stood out from the rest from the beginning. She demonstrated a keen, up-to-the minute understanding of website design,media interaction and the all-important branding. With a new book coming out, aligning my materials with my author platform and message was uppermost in my mind.

From the beginning, Alison made decisions and choices that I soon learned to completely trust, and her design is more in beauty, function and brilliance than I even imagined. The site just went live, and rave reviews are pouring in. Oh, she also works quickly, skillfully, and within a very reasonable budget for what she delivers.

I told Alison from the beginning that I wanted what I call ‘brutal honesty’ on decisions about design and content inclusion as well as branding. Even though I tried second-guessing her on one or two occasions, as it turned out, she really did know best and pointed out important elements that should be included (or eliminated from my prior content) for best results. Soon it was easy to have confidence and just say to her “you decide!”

If you are looking for skill and the best there is in web design and online presence, don’t hesitate to contact me to ask me about my experience with Alison Sansone.”

Lani Muelrath, M.A. –


“I spent some time looking at website designs on line, talking to people about building them, and tinkering with some “do it yourself” tools. Very time consuming and frustrating.

As fate would have it I spoke with Alison Sansone, problem solved and frustration GONE.

Alison created a very professional page that is simple to navigate. She spent time asking me questions and getting to know me personally and professionally, which translated into a custom built beautiful, informative web page. She gave me more for my money then I ever expected. All I can say is thank you Alison!”

Dr. Christopher Hammond, D.C.


“Alison Sansone is a spectacular creative web designer and so much more!

In the beginning I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but once Alison saw my old website that I had created and my photos, after our initial meeting she was off and running!

I have always had a vision for my website where light comes through a pregnant woman. During our meetings, I never mentioned this to Alison as I did not know how it would even be possible. Plus, it just never came up in my conversations with her because I had a zillion things running through my mind at the time of our initial consultation. When it was time for me to see the three sample web designs she created, Alison saved the best for last. She captured on my home page web design what I had envisioned, without my ever having told her. My mind was completely blown as to what she had created. Alison’s design spoke to my heart, my soul and my spirit. We were both really excited!

What I love about Alison is that she listens and feels you out. I had so much information in my head and did not know how to articulate it to her fully but she caught it! Alison is professional, straight forward and clear. She will tell you what she thinks is a good idea and what is not. She honors her word and keeps to her deadlines. I am a stickler for timeliness and she was always timely. She is a thorough communicator and when I had questions, which seemed like all the time, she was patient with me in making sure I understood.

The work that I do as a birth doula (birth coach) and childbirth educator, Alison had not created a site for someone with my expertise before. She allowed her own creative juices to flow through her and created my magnificent website. Just take a look:

I love you Alison! You are a creative genius! Thank you so much for your patience with me and your hard work!
I highly recommend Alison Sansone! It will be the best investment you have ever made into yourself and for your business.

Thank you again!”

Angela J. Brown, RN
Founder of DoulaLove’sCreation


“Alison was a valuable asset as an individual because she brought an important combination of strategy and creativity to our technology launch.

She successfully managed our brand design and represented our company well with both customers and potential business partners. In day to day operations she was instrumental for training and deployment because she could effectively translate complex systems for end users. This made an impact in our ability to grow our customer’s seats year over year.

I highly recommend her for your company, too.”

Paul Pacun, CEO, Meiotic Inc. – Enterprise Content Management and Mobility


“Alison was ahead of the curve in recognising the value of social media to small business owners. Her forward thinking approach and commitment have paid off, resulting in a dynamic Facebook and Twitter presence for Be There Bedtime Stories. It was a pleasure to support the early development of these communities.”

Robyn Pierce, Head of Social Media, The Crocodile


“Alison created video marketing materials for our business. She was super easy to work with, insightful, creative and we loved her work. I highly recommend her!”

Romeo Elias, CEO, Interneer (now ‘Intellect’) – Business Management SaaS


“Alison understands the unique demands of marketing web and mobile technology. She grasps the key issues in the space where technology brings solutions to long-standing, intractable business problems. She’s a valuable contributor to any engineering effort where complex ideas needs to be distilled down to understandable, benefit-driven marketing stories.”

Carl Rempel, Carl Rempel Consulting


“Alison is delightful! We were so lucky to find in her the elusive combination of Techie, Marketing Wiz, Coach, and Fun Human Being. Always with marketing in mind, she gave us a brand-new website we could easily update ourselves. She understands what those of us without technical backgrounds are trying to say! Her team gave thoughtful, fun instruction on how to use our new site and provides eternal support. Alison is efficient, fast, and clever. She has great ideas. What a find!”

Robin Roy, National Director of Literacy Programs, Screen Actors Guild Foundation


“Alison is sharp, creative and she just plain “gets it”. She has recently been designing the marketing collateral for AppSolutely, Inc. and has completely overhauled the look and feel of our materials. What a difference she has made. Her creativity and level of knowledge of the tools have significantly enhanced the perception fo our brand. She is engaging, hard working and has a great eye for design.”

Karen Shopmyer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, AppSolutely, Inc. (formerly)


“Alison was a pleasure to do business with, and had a true understanding of marketing to our audience and of the marketplace. Smart, personable, and a strong work ethic; I highly recommend Alison as someone to do business with!”

Matthew Waddell, Publisher, HotelWorld Network, Questex Media Group (formerly)


“I have had the pleasure of working with Alison for many years. I have found that Alison is very driven, personable, energetic and has a great work ethic. She is creative in developing a plan which gets the job done. I highly recommend Alison and look forward to doing more business with her in the near future.”

Petra Michael, VP Corporate Partnerships at Standard Fiber, LLC; Principal/Owner at SkyBlue LLC


“Alison is creative, energetic, and tenacious. She is someone you can count on – through thick and thin. She brings projects to completion despite obstacles and is fun to work with. Her vision and passion enhance the world.”

Eric Klein, Founder,; Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach


“Alison always provided me with great information that helped me do my job better. And she also happens to be really smart and intuitve which has turned into a great resource to bounce ideas off of as well.”

Glenn Haussman, Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Interactive Network; Adjunct Professor Tisch Hospitality School, NYU


“Bright, creative and committed to her goals. I’ve found Alison a wonderful person who knows how to develop an idea and bring it to market.”

Blake Anderson, Owner, Blake Anderson Consulting


“Alison is a goal oriented and productive CEO. She has great marketing approaches for success. I enjoy working with her company in selling our books in her new venue.”

Lynda S Burch, Publisher, Guardian Angel Publishing

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“…ahead of the curve…”

Robyn Pierce

Head of Social Media, The Crocodile

“She gave me more for my money than I ever expected…”

Dr. Christopher Hammond, D.C.

Balanced Chiropractic of Huntington Beach

“…a keen, up-to-the minute understanding of website design, media interaction and branding…”

Lani Muelrath

 “…valuable contributor to any engineering effort…”

Carl Rempel

Engineering Consultant, Carl Rempel Consulting

“…Smart, personable, and a strong work ethic…”

Matt Waddell

Publisher, HotelWorld Network (formerly)

“…My mind was completely blown as to what she had created.”

Angela Brown

 “…an important combination of strategy and creativity…”

Paul Pacun

Meiotic, Inc.

“…Techie, Marketing Wiz, Coach, and Fun Human Being…”

Robin Roy

National Director of Literacy Programs, Screen Actors Guild Foundation

“…someone you can count on – through thick and thin. She brings projects to completion despite obstacles and is fun to work with…”

Eric Klein