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qualiant Outcomes:

  • marketing video media for improved homepage conversions
  • enhanced presentation to prospects at meetings/events
  • diverse media for each product version (desktop, mobile)


Client Problem

Interneer, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in business workflow tools for the enterprise and small business sectors. Romeo was a CEO with many hats in startup mode.

A seasoned technologist with over a decade of experience in corporate work environments, he needed to focus on product development and business models that would attract customers in a competitive enterprise market. He had a library of product videos, but needed marketing oriented video to promote product features and enhance his presentation to CIO audiences at events.

qualiant Solution

Video media not only provided a more entertaining and efficient way to convey the value of his products, the process helped to fine-tune his value proposition.

From storyboarding to narration, the collaboration process with our production team clarified key marketing messaging that was implemented in other marketing strategies. Creating video media about his product enabled him to increase conversions on his homepage and provided an entertaining way of engaging executive level targets at CIO events.

qualiant Marketing Strategy and Media Design:

Communication is Messy

Stop Wasting Paper Airplanes

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