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the qualiant Collection

Enjoy perusing the wide landscape of media design and marketing strategies suiting up each client’s brand.

Project Case Studies

 “…valuable contributor to any engineering effort…”

Carl Rempel

Engineering Consultant, Carl Rempel Consulting

 “…an important combination of strategy and creativity…”

Paul Pacun

Meiotic, Inc.

“…ahead of the curve…”

Robyn Pierce

Head of Social Media, The Crocodile

“…a keen, up-to-the minute understanding of website design, media interaction and branding…”

Lani Muelrath

“…My mind was completely blown as to what she had created.”

Angela Brown

“She gave me more for my money than I ever expected…”

Dr. Christopher Hammond, D.C.

Balanced Chiropractic of Huntington Beach

“…Smart, personable, and a strong work ethic…”

Matt Waddell

Publisher, HotelWorld Network (formerly)

Video Gallery

Award Winning PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Award Winning PSA (Public Service Announcement)

“Alison created video marketing materials for our business… I highly recommend her!”

Romeo Elias

CEO, Interneer

Tutorial Video – for Updated Content Management System

Marketing Video – Once Upon a Webtime Story

“Alison is a goal oriented and productive CEO. She has great marketing approaches for success. I enjoy working with her company in selling our books in her new venue.”

Lynda S. Burch

Children's Publisher, Guardian Angel Publishing

Marketing Video – Be There Book Jacket

“Alison is delightful! We were so lucky to find in her the elusive combination of Techie, Marketing Wiz, Coach, and Fun Human Being…

She understands what those of us without technical backgrounds are trying to say!

Alison is efficient, fast, and clever. She has great ideas. What a find!”

Robin Roy

National Director of Literacy Programs, SAGF - Screen Actor's Guild Foundation

Creative Collaboration for Charity, Sponsored by American Institute of Architecture

Marketing Video – Communication is Messy

GALA Video – Illumination Foundation (Producer)

Marketing Video – Stop Wasting Paper Airplanes

Tutorial Video – Kickass Mobile Business App

“Alison was instrumental for training and deployment because she could effectively translate complex systems for end users.

I highly recommend her for your company, too.”

Paul Pacun

CEO, Meiotic, Inc.

Marketing Video – for Enterprise Mobility

Marketing Video – Luxury Meets Wellness

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